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Journey back to the days when Joe Zawinul, Jaco Pastorius, and Wayne Shorter combined forces to create the powerhouse of Weather Report. Soon to be a jazz fusion classic, "Everywhere At Once" will take even the seasoned listener by surprise with its original use of classical, jazz, and world elements. The Crazy Wisdom Band incorporates lush string arrangements and virtuoso violin and electric guitar solos against a backdrop of unexpected chord changes and a hard driving rhythm section. There is a story behind each of these songs; a story that is weaved from over a decade of extraordinary experiences-- such as David Marchione's time living with his family in the Sancta Clara Monastery, John Gregory's treks through Eastern Europe and Central Asia, or the late evenings at Radiant Arts Studios taking painstaking efforts to find just the right sound or just the right chord. There is an enormous amount of love and deep, heartfelt energy in this record that will be immediately tangible to the