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Check out the June issue of Revolver magazine, Circle Of One are the only UK band in the Raw Talent section of the Mag on page 112. Go out and purchase, tell your friends, and force strangers to buy i

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Circle of One are a band armed with gigantic riffs and melodic hook laden choruses. These songs have evolved from a variety of ever developing influences yet still they carve a sound all of their own.

Each member of the band are inspired by their love of music, and driven by the high level of musicality that binds them together, thus creating a unique musical bond. Their music has been described as Zep style riffs with Foo Fighters style choruses, Audioslave style vocals, with Queens of the Stone Age's sense of the avant-garde, while retaining the pop sensibilities of U2.

Circle of One make music that is a mixture of free-flowing grooves, emotion, talent and ambition.

Above all, this band is compelled to make music.
They are the real deal in a landscape of clones and 'wanna be's'.

Circle of One are set to become a band that will capture people's imaginations. Your new favorite band has arrived.