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Case Closed were the first British Cypriot MC's to sell over 5000 copies of their CD on the streets of the UK, and take their music to a global scale by themselves, selling copies of the demo across the Mediterranean from Nice in the South of France, to Kavos, Corfu, and Agia Napa, Cyprus, and creating fans from the USA and Australia on the way.

The duo have a unique style which is influenced by their Mediterranean roots, and they rap in their Greek Cypriot language as well. Their style mainly consists of Hip Hop tempos and pure UK Garage and Grime sounding beats, with meaningful lyrics about the state of the world, and the ability to show they mean business when it comes to burning mics with their original rythmic flows.

Case Closed Records is an independent company with production, reproduction and distribution facilities. Case Closed appear live all round the world and are well on their way to making a huge global impact in the arena of hip hop.