All you indie music lovers have to hear my stuff! Youre gonna relate. Youre gonna love it. Youre gonna buy it! :)

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Growing up, Nintendo's and GI Joe's never did it for Case Britain. He played like he thought: outside the box. That theme has carried over into every part of his life.

With a never-settle resolve to push the bar with his experimental music, Case Britain meets each person on an individual level. His often plitical, yet always affectionate, lyrics are set apart by Sesame Street, black-and-white melodies. Case is not an aspiring singer, he does not crave fame, and he could not care any less about critics reviews. He simply strives to give voice to the average Joe's of the world. His sole desire is to inspire others to create change in a self-destructive world.

Taking influence from the likes of Bob Dylan, Conor Oberst, Leonard Cohen, and John Lennon, Case Britain's indie-folk sound sets him apart from the McPop noise littering radios everywhere. A self-proclaimed 'dreamer', Case Britain wants nothing more than for others to experience freedom.