Carl Taylor


Bugged Out resident Carl Taylor is no stranger to knowing what a crowd what to hear...

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For Doncaster’s Carl Taylor it all started at the age of 13, inspired by listening to early hardcore mix. Thank god his dad (a northern soul DJ himself) understood the cause & took him in the car to get his first pair of decks.

This fascination with mixing soon led onto the need to make his own creations. After leaving school at 16, while working at his first job, Carl saw an advert for a Music Technology course at Doncaster college, “I didn’t have a clue, & didn’t play a note of music but I just wanted to know how you made a record”. While most people where in the student bar Carl got stuck in straight away, “I got to play with Cubase, a midi module and an Akai sampler, I would spend hours messing around sat with headphones on, just learning really.” In the college holidays he got a Job in a crisp packing factory in Scunthorpe, “I managed to hold out for six weeks!
At least it made me realise what I didn’t want to do for the rest of my life...