Carl Elizondo


The Follow up album to the Crystal & The Cross is slated to be released in December 2007 titled: The Tomes Of Lore.....The symphonies in Carl's head are slowly leaking out....Check out for all the information. Pictures, music, blog and all the crazy stuff we do

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Music about Dreams & Nightmares, Carl Elizondo delves into the minds of Lennon, McCartney & The Gallagher brothers. Psychedelic with a hint of India influences brings forth fresh ideas based on a familiar sound.
Singer/Songwriter Carl Elizondo brings experience to his craft. Indulging in writing, playing, producing & recording, all created by Carl at his Soundesign Studio located in Sparks, near Reno Nevada. Carl has many influences some being of course The Beatles,Oasis, Kasabian, India Influences mixed with the 60's psychedelia and world music percussion.
Along with playing drums, guitar, keys, bass & vocals Carl is a B&W photographer & oil on canvas artist, and maybe a bit psychotic?..... Perhaps. a true Warrior Poet !
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