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In 1996 five guys got together, formed a band, but never had the intention to play out or even record an album because they didn’t know how to play any instruments but with dedication they thought themselves how to play in a short period of time. The boys decide to give themselves a name CV BOYS band and of course there was no girl in the group only after some time they did invite a couple girls to help doing the chorus but it did not last long.
After while Filomena which is sister of Manuel and Domingos start to grow the interest for music by listening the boys rehearsing in the basement even she started to attend some rehearsals and the boys did ask her if she wants to be a member of CV BOYS band and she did accept but the boys said that they will not change the name because they have the dream that one day everybody will know them as CV BOYS band. As the time goes by the passion for music start to grow and they start to make imaginary plans that if one day they could play on front