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Chris Adams composer/writer/musician
I have listened to a large part of Chris's work and find his abilities can only be described as phenomenal.
After begining to learn the drums at eight years old he switched to the guitar at twelve and won an award for 'outstanding musical achievement' in 1979 age 15 . In the same year he had his first taste of a 'real' recording studio where he recorded a song called 'sitting on a bench'. During the 1980's Chris toured with several bands - and worked with Rob Goss on a project that has taken ten years to produce and will be released in 2006.
His career continued through the 80's and into the 90's as he trained as a sound engineer in various studios and worked on several projects alongside...
During his early years Chris Would play for hours upon hours emulating his favourite players of the day, Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Page of Led Zeppelin, Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Chris has studied many of the more modern guitarists like Steve Vai, Joe Satrian