Hosam Ramzy Presents CHEB NACIM
01 Mami Masra Fiya
02 Tal Sabri Tal
03.El Waldine
04.Ach Eddani Nkhaltou
05.Khalouni Khalouni
06.Ya El Hadjla
07.Achaktek Men Galbi
08.100 % Nebghik

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CHEB NACIM an original voice and a modern style with a rythmic musical structure, Cheb Nacim assisted by his brother Sofiane,a keyboard player, merges modern Rai with a traditional music base. Since childhood Cheb Nacim and his brother shared deep passion for Rai music. They also studied this art at the much renowned "El Mouhsiliya" School in Algeria. Upon their arrival to France in 1992 they formed a Rai band and started playing their original compositions in small functions, weddings and music festivals. The first big concerts took place around the suburbes of Nantes in 1993, venues such as "Quai de la Fosse" with Khaled and Cheb Mami and the "Triangle" in Rennes played host to Cheb Nacim's first big break in 1993. Deeply affected by the death of "Cheb Hasni" in 1994, Cheb Nacim took part in the tribute concert alongside the biggest stars of Rai,"Sahraoui, Fedela, Nasro, Tahar, Mohamed Lamine and chika Remiti" to name but a few. Highly encouraged by his family and friends.