consists of mr Cormac (singer)
and Peter Pixzel (music production) ELECTRO / POP / TEC

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Come acclaimed Danish producer, Berlin/London based Peter Pixzel (Multiplex label), add much known London DJ/producer/performer Mr.Cormac (BeautyCase Records), result combination is the melodic darkwave meets electronic rock duo "CAVALIER" Visually stunning and energetically combined , Cavalier clash art with a splendid rock performance. Their 9-track demo has many facets to its sound; with a teeth gnashingly aggressive slice of gallopy style techno fun, they distinctively collide fruity basslines with a punky attitude. Comparisons from The The and Iggy Pop to Pet Shop Boys and T.Raumschmiere have seen Cavalier rate great acclaim in the “electro-punk” scenes of their hometowns, and obtain much club airplay and support.. (Sage/Berlin, NagNagNag, The Cock, Drama, Strange Days). Single-handedly Mr.Cormac and Peter Pixzel have obtained previous market success in territories such as UK, Germany, Japan, USA, Brazil - hence with the combination of these forces, Cavalier are guaranteed to nurt