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Brought together by things that generally piss them off and their love for teen angst ridden noise Tom, Adam and Adam began Bystander. After Tom and Dave went their separate ways for a while, Tom and Adam began writing together whilst looking for a drummer as their present drummer couldn't commit 100% because of Uni. In the late summer of 2005 they found young Rob, under a bush legend has it. They began writing together and when Tom and David put their differences aside, David, Tom and Adam were re-united with the addition of young Rob. Their first gig was a covers set for a party which at the time was a big deal for them but since then they have played much further a field in places such as Blackpool, Bolton, Warrington, Liverpool and are headlining this years DeeCat Festival in Queensferry North Wales. The bands sound has been described as grunge, punk, indie, garage nearly every genre under the sun but they don't like to pigeon hole themselves, they let the listener make up their ow