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Burnt Bush Productions dug its roots into the earth in 2003 when brothers Tao Tha Rezonator and Balance formed the group Left Wing. Discouraged by the wave of commercialized hip hop, and the corporate marketing persistant in neo-rap, the brothers aimed at injecting their own grassroots message while maintaining the rebelious(anti-government) attitude of real HIP-HOP. It was not long before Tao Tha Rezonator and Balance realized they would need to build a home for their sound, as it was unlikely that any member of the mainstream music establishment would help them reach the masses. So with that objective, they created BURNT BUSH PRODUCTIONS. After a year of artistic development, BBP relocated from Charlotte, NC to Charlottesville, VA and this small Indie label snowballed into an army. Left Wing evaporated and re-percipitated to include all the members of Burnt Bush Productions...Vega, Just B, Bently Rhodes, Stride, Elemental, Tao Tha Rezonator, Balance...etc....etc...etc And so Burnt Bu