Bungalow Zen


London based classic rock band

Mark Damon-Vocals
Jim Owen-Guitar
Ian"Donny" James-Drums

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Band members and what they play Mark Damon: With himself, Jim Owen: Anything with no strings attached, Ian "Donny" james: blow up dolls. Where does the band originate: chemical spillage north london, Why choose the name: Cos we fought it sounded good, How do you describe your music: Pornographic (better than sex with a female goat), What is your best gig to date: Punch and Judy Margate, Worst gig to date: Punch and Judy Margate, Have you supported any big names: No name big enough ha ha, What studio do you use: Viddal Sasson, Reveiws to date: Loadsa gud un's

Influences Steps, Boy bands,Zeppelin,Small Faces,Frankie Miller,Guns'n Roses,Doobie brothers,Whitesnake,AC/DC,Paul Gilbert.Sinatra, funk,gunk,Artois,export,london pride, and a little bit of "Linda Lou"

Please visit www.myspace.com/bungalowzen
Our lable site is www.holierthanthourecords.com