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Bryan Gorsira – Giving us his ‘Best’

It seems the world can thank Bryan Gorsira’s wife for her husband’s music. Not only is she the inspiration for much of the material on The Best Years – a collection of the best of Bryan’s work over the last three decades – but without her he may never even have started recording his songs.

Bryan has been writing songs and strumming his acoustic guitar all across America since growing up listening to the great singer-songwriters of the 1970s. But it was only when he decided to record one of his creations professionally as a present for his wife that he realised he could produce a whole album himself.

Anyone hearing this charming, understated but resonant music for the first time will be grateful that Bryan did finally have this revelation. “Humility, with a world-worn wisdom” is how his college-days playing partner accurately describes the mood of Bryan’s songs.

While the warmth of the music can be felt through every song on The Best Year