Born in Trinidad and raised in New York,
Brookstyles has had the privilege of
experiencing the two cultures with strong
influences of calypso and soca music,
as well as

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Brookstyles has come a long way from the streets of Trinidad to the projects of
Brooklyn New York. There he found out about the different cultures of life.
He learnt about the ghetto and what it really takes to survive in the streets of New York.
Growing up in Trinidad and living in America, Brookstyles has seen both sides of
the coin. He knows what it is like to be struggling in order to make ends meet and he has learnt about the real hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.
In witnessing what life is all about, though the eyes of many different races.
people who are struggling to making ends meet day to day so their kids can eat
and live to see the future and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.
To what I have seen from the coast of Trinidad to the Big Apple New York City
Were people don’t sleep, to