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I come from a musical family and have been singing in front of audiences since the age of 8. I am a classically taught pianist and cellist and from the age of 13 received operatic vocal training from the top Scottish soprano Fiona Lindsay. Before relocating to Essex my brother Duncan and I were in an extremely popular covers band in the North-East of Scotland where I gained loads of experience in playing live pubs, clubs and function work.
Although we've only been together since January all four of us felt we instantly ‘clicked' as a band and I'm excited and delighted to be the lead singer and keyboard player in Boudicca – where I feel free to be the Rock Goddess I truly am! In our live performances I draw my operatic training and covers experience combined with my own personality to put in the best possible performance I can achieve and give the crowd an experience they're going to remember!

Ian 'Dog' Hughes

Ian 'Dog' Smith-Hughes has been tub thumping for t