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BLUE COTTON has released their NEW CD "NUBLOOZE" with an unique blend of Blues with Rock.

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BLUE COTTON is a band of three, whose years of playing clubs, festivals doing some road work has payed off with an edge on Blues but with the energy of Rock to make music that tell a story while making you want to dance or drink or both
The CD “NUBLOOZE” is a release of much pent up frustration to write what is in the heart of these three guys who feel that they have their own story to tell. Yes, these are songs that offer more than just copycat guitar licks or “sounds-just-like-somebody-else” impersonations. Here are “stories” set to music from the soul. Songs about their life experiences that reaches out to touch the listener and console the soul of each and every person who hears and feels the story with a sense of familiar recollection that: “This is Also my Story, My Life – My Song”
Living in the South, ALABAMA where cotton is king and the Blues burns like the sun.