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Reversing Recordings Shines a Light on
New Billy London album “Dystopia”.

Ellsworth, Maine, November 4, 2014 – What does it take to become a household name, a bona-fide phenomenon, or a blip on the radar of American rock’n’roll radio? Reversing Recording shines a white-hot spotlight on Billy London’s “Dystopia” for all the world to hear!

His latest release since 1980, “Dystopia” is the
Americana, Brit pop, punk rock, folk ballad collection that has been brewing in London’s head for decades. It took coming home to Dover, New Jersey to write some new material and then returning to the home of friend Nigel Gray in England to finish recording the album.

“I’m a pop music rock’n’roll junkie,” admits London. “At 17 I picked up the guitar, messed about on the piano. I always had a band. I just can’t stop myself.”

As a teenager in suburban New Jersey, London did his part to promote the best of ‘60’s psychedelic rock and anything British Invasion. Combining the fashio