Benn Soundy


This young saxophone player from Surrey will surely bring pleasure to his listeners with his ambient style and his remarkable talent.

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Hi my name is Benn Soundy, and I’ve been brought up listening to all sorts of music especially blues and Jazz .

When I was six, my mum and dad took me a jazz brunch and that was the first time I listened to jazz live. There was a sax player there I that was when I first knew I wanted to play the sax.

I tried a sax and but fingers were too small, even to small for a clarinet. I waited a year until my fingers were big enough so I could play the clarinet. I had two years lessons and took my grade 2. At this time my fingers were just right. I got my first sax that July and I played in my dad’s band two weeks later.

I started lessons on my sax in the September.

I saw my schools swing band and I really wanted to play in it. A year later I asked if a could join but the teacher said I was too young but they let me audition and I won a place. Since then I now I play in the school orchestra as well as the Swing Band and a new jazz band at Berkshire Young Musicians I will be starting