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Few people would argue that school music programs struggle with funding and often are shutdown as a result. Belinda will use her talent and passion for music to help school music programs.

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Amongst rising stars of Pop/R&B music, Belinda Rio, carves a new place in the hearts and minds of her fans. She captivates passion through an elegant sexy persona and wins over young and old alike with her simple genuine nature - a true peoples' artist. Her soulful tantalizing sound moves listeners with seductiveness, a hint of Latino flavor, and passionate lyrics- she is Pop/R&B’s new pearl.

As a little girl, Belinda was never shy in front of groups of people and loved to sing to Tina Turner's music, entertaining family with her fun and amusing act. Growing into womanhood, she pursued her passion for music leading church congregations in song and special performances. Inspired by the work of Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, Celin Dion, and Gloria Estefan, Belinda made the decision to take her passion to the next level. In 2002 she commenced her professional development studying song writing, piano with Gabriela Vail, and receiving voice coaching from Judy Leonard. In 2005, Belinda perfor