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Why a ‘Band That Never Was’
...what does the name mean?

The Band That Never Was can be traced to 1978, when the members formed their first band. The first songs were written by John Eberle, Randy Hipsher and Jim Kasper a song writing team from the same influences, all as schoolmates in Mansfield, Ohio. From that single source a lifelong band was developed. After high school, the band members all ended up in Columbus Ohio. By the late ‘70s all found themselves writing and jamming together when Kasper picked up the drums. Eberle would introduce Terry Withers, a coworker, to the group of musical friends as the second guitarist. The Band That Never Was hopes, with their first self-produced release Life’s Little Lessons, you get a chance to hear what they hear and dream what they dream. We leave it up to you to be a judge if they are a band or not. The songs are real enough.