B So glObal


'Best damn album I've ever had the pleasure of listening to!....highly recommended!...totally underated, a real underground gem!

Mike Rea, GEMM, US

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'The four compositions on this disc are unashamedly lush and lyrical, characterised by understated arrangements for saxophone, guitars, hammond organ, synthesisers and percussion. Jon Seagroatt's breathy sax on 'Moilike' communicates with a direct emotional warmth, 'Those Little Blue Galaxies Again' shimmers and has a limpid quality which is skilfully preserved despite the introduction of tabla cross-rhythms. The delicate precision of Eno's 'Music For Films' and Popol Vuh's stateliness come to mind. B So glObal are not derivative of those people, they just happen to be working in a similar vein and to that standard.'

Chris Blackford, Wire Magazine, London.

'Four tracks of subtle beauty and elegance that fuse jazz, electronics, classical and psychedelia into a deeply hypnotic style that is minimalist, solemn, somnambulant and soporific. Quite lovely.'

Steve Maggs, Labyrinth Magazine, London.

'Put simply, it's an ambient classic.'

review, Organ Magazine, London