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Bricksonion is from Rochester NY. Brick first started rapping when he was 13, but didn't start taking it seriously until he was about 23. Now he is known around town for making great music, and for owning and operating the first car studio. Brick is so determined to make his business successful that he never takes a break, and hes always trying to better his ideas. From building you a website, putting you on youtube, producing your track, and making original beats, Bricks work is never done. He can do everything and anything you need him to. While alot of people are thinking about the right now in their life, Brick focuses on the future. He knows how much talent is hiding in Rochester, and he is motivated to help get them as much exposure as he can. That is one of the reasons why he videotapes them and puts them on youtube and here on his website, because he knows that they are artist and have the ability to go places, just noone to help them get there.