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It began at an early age, when Ben's father, then an executive at RCA records, fueled Ben's passion for music and electic tastes.His father would bring home samples from the office, including many different classical and rock records. Among these Lp's, there was a 2 record set called "David Live." Ben recalls, "I remember looking at the album cover and thinking to myself this guy looks weird! After staring at this record for several weeks in my box of records, I finally got the courage to listen. I was immediately hooked. I wasn't sure what it was,but I knew knew in my heart that this was genius. "Peaking my interest and love for music at an early age, and to this day, Mr Bowie is my number one influence.That same year,I started taking piano lessons and writing songs as a youth. I taught myself guitar, bass and drums." Ben Face is a new political songwriter, whose roots are found in the music of David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, Neil Young and Pink Floyd, among others. "Ben Face ",