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Atomik Surfing
Metal Fusion
Porno lirics

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Atomik Surfing band aborted in the room of maternity of the Dr Lam in 1998, the childbirth was difficult since of a single one it bids up leave 4 engendros whose Loucyfer father and his Lilith mother baptized like: the "Morbo" aka Raul with its hocica gonorrienta of the seventh day (worshipper of porno, guaro and pichi, the emperor of the universe), "Sadomazor" aka Charles, in the Desolladora Lira of 6 cords, "Dominator" aka Eric Grandson in the uproarious ARPA of 4 cords and the "Short Goloso" aka Lucho Cartridge pounding zinc pailas and leaves, and this does not finish thus.

Followed of pains and cuávulos of blood, aka Macacre in a adheres the childbirth "Alucigenia" 2da Damn ARPA to finish forming the noise giving the first complaints in the tugurios of this brothel without called ceiling Panama City.

Soon by fights by bottles of guaro, bags of pichi, kanjak, stone, dogs and a good pair of cases more, several members like the Short Goloso, Dominator and Alu