Arek Zdroyevsky


As a four year old brat he liked to run around a table singing "I can get no satisfaction...". Who could've told that it was to affect his life...the rest of it.

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Arek Zdroyevsky- a bass guitarist, composer and arranger, Polish origins, living currently in London, UK;
His musical heritage (he grew up in place that's always been a cultural crossroads) is combined with strong affection towards american black music tradition. In effect Arek's playing has this melancholic value of slavonic folk songs, passion of a gypsy fiddler as well as "blackness" of rythm and groove. His sound is "organic" influenced by natural human voice and the closest to it, acoustic instruments such as strings and woodwinds.
A versatile instrumentalist- he can be a sideman providing solid bass lines as well as an improvisor within a band or in a solo performance.
Improvised music is his favorite way of expression but he also feels good within strict arrangments. He's played with jazz combos, blues bands as well as pop and rock groups, latin or folk ensembles.