Anthea Neads


Anthea Neads - acoustic singer-songwriter

Gigging around the south of England

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Hailing from Guildford in south east England, Anthea Neads excels at tender and evocative singing, revealing both fragility and strength of message that touches listeners and reflects universal themes. Her vocals have been described as clear and pure, with a bell-like quality and warmth reminiscent of the likes of Kate Rusby and Martha Tilston. Her musical influences over the years have been many and varied, and although she is most closely associated with the folk genre there are hints of her open-minded approach to music throughout her songwriting.

Anthea has a passion for writing songs that explore human experience and emotion from a very personal perspective. She uses songwriting as a therapeutic tool and an extension of her attempt to make sense of the world. Her lyrics contain an endearing honesty, with the intention of connecting with the audience. She loves to play at friendly festivals and intimate gigs, where she can bare her soul to the assembled crowd in the hope that th