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The Animated Coochie Wonders, affectionately referred to as The Coochies, were born when Captain Coochie, an avant-garde composer, and Count Coochie, a classical violinist, came together through their not-so-secret love of dance music, a need to laugh, and a vintage drum machine. Over many late night sessions a real sound took shape, and the two were soon creating twisted rhythms and sexually charged, cheeky lyrics, nearly too ridiculous to perform.
As The Coochies grew they wanted more. The Coochies wanted to dance, The Coochies wanted to sing, The Coochies wanted to get down and dirty. With that they added a female vocal stylist who could balance out their crazy antics and whip their words into shape: thus Coochie Galore was born.

The Coochies soon grew restless and moved to NYC, where they added the two final ingredients to the wonder that is the coochie: A lead female vocalist, Coochie Suprême, and graphic artist extraordinaire, The Cockmaster, The Coochies style grew into some