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An Early Sunset is built up of two members, Anthony Smith and Tim Brayshaw. Both met at school back is 1999. Anthony began to learn the bass guitar after listening to a blink 182 album. One year later Tim learnt to play the guitar and both began to work on lyrics and music together. Mainly acoustic based the group write songs based on experiences and occurences in their lives or things each has seen or read about.

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Title:  New songs up at last!
Created: Thursday 17 April 00:30
Last Updated: Thursday 17 April 00:30
Category:  General
Summary:News about our new songs    

Title:  Starting a new record
Created: Sunday 16 December 22:14
Last Updated: Sunday 16 December 22:14
Category:  General
Summary:Recording starts soon!    

Title:  Song's a'coming
Created: Thursday 09 August 02:28
Last Updated: Thursday 09 August 02:29
Category:  General
Summary:New equipment, new lyrics and new songs.

Title:  General stuff.
Created: Thursday 26 July 03:38
Last Updated: Thursday 26 July 03:38
Category:  General
Summary:Updates on our lives i guess

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