Crimson silk voice set to deceptively lovely pop tunes. Alyse combines jazz sensibilities with a pop sound to create a unique and very sensual music. Frequent comparisons are made with Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, Inara George, Feist, and Fiona Apple.

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Who is Alyse Black?

"Black boldly channels Bjork, Billie, and Bush (Kate, not GW). Best yet, this jazzy, arty, oddball epic also sounds like Alyse Black more than any of her influences."
- Roctober Magazine -

"There are some voices that stop you in your tracks and make you listen, and Alyse Black is a great example."
- George Smyth from Eclectic Mix Podcast -

"Alyse is a pure heart and sensation. I am emotionally blown away by the simple, yet intertwining skill of voice and sound that is projected from this talented musician. She definitely is a pick for the private collection."
- Urban Mainstream Magazine -

"Alyse hits home with every track enough to mesmerize a person... The music of Alyse Black transcends all genres, demographics and more... My audience is always hinged for more!"
- Kit from Kit's Korner on KRIM-FM 96.3 in Arizona -