Alex Losy


The creation of music has always been one part of my life to date that takes me out of everyday life to enable me to use my creativity.
I produce trance/house, but like to cross boundaries, sometimes

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Alex Losy, and my alias 'ASL' have been working on a number of projects lately. Music production for me had started on my 15th birthday, where my parents brought me a computer to use for my studies. As any 15 year old does, he then proceeds to do the exact opposite and buy games, and in my case reason v1.
I had been using this for 1 year by the time I was 16, just getting to grips with the software, learning different techniques, ways of synthesis.
Then got reason v.3, cubase sx3, new audio/midi interface, midi keyboard and new monitors. This really took the wind out of me financially but I knew it would be worth it.
Today, I am working on my new project 'Plunge pool' and My ASL remix of witness wonder - Emotion in motion.
Please listen to my music, and feel free to visit my myspace: