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In early 2005 in the ashes of many other bands they had each seen crash and burn, guitarist Rick Jackson, Bassist/vocalist Bryan Kelly and drummer Del Hall came together for the first time in a collective soup of talent. Almost as soon as they struck their first chords together they felt a chemical reaction that none of them had ever experienced before. Right away they knew it was something extraordinary. The musicianship was tight and the music seemed to just flow out as if they had been born to play together. The vocal styles of Bryan Kelly and Jason Cates meld together like the two voices where designed to harmonize with each other. Toss in some fills by drummer Del Hall and some screamin guitar leads by Rick Jackson and the recipe creates magic that your ears can appreciate. Now appropriately named "After the Ashes", the band is made up of remnants of such phenomenal bands as Six Foot Soul, DUST, Dunahmus and Far From Over and is the product of years of live experience and touring.