When the is setting dusk is the time you will remember.

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Afterdusk is an acoustic selection of music, created as a side project from a band called An early sunset. The songs are designed to help people feel good about stuff that would usual get them down such as a break up from a relationship and other things that may affect you in your daily life. The songs are easy listening with lyrics that may make you remember a moment you that makes you smile of laugh. Enjoy the sound that will come from your speakers as you remember the time during the sunset.

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Title:  Sunnyday
Created: Tuesday 09 October 14:45
Last Updated: Tuesday 09 October 14:45
Category:  General
Summary:New song uploaded!

Title:  First time for everything
Created: Thursday 26 July 03:33
Last Updated: Thursday 26 July 03:34
Category:  General
Summary:New song in the works, though it taking longer then i though :(

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