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’I really enjoy listening to Dance, Trance, and House music, and also love abit of Classic Ibiza music to get me in the mood. But most of the time I concentrate on making my tunes and I spend hours on them to make them sound good or thinking how I could improve them to make the best progressive trance ever, I have been making my own tunes since Christmas of 2005 and my aim is to carry on doing this in the near future, i have now appeared on a website called and also about to appear on and, if you would like to buy and of Acid’s songs online then you can just go on and buy anything you want online, also now i am signed up with a indie record label called polarious productions hopefully the label will be a major in the near future. My big aim is to make more and more of hard trance, electronica and techno tunes and try to get my tunes known around the world in the future. The thing that g