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Suburban homeboys: Weymouth rappers AWOL heat up Winter Hip-Hop Fest?By Chris Faraone?Saturday, December 9, 2006 - Updated: 12:04 PM EST??The guys in AWOL are not scared to take risks. They’re not afraid to rap over live guitar licks, or walk around wearing T-shirts that say, “(expletive) Wack Music.”

Most importantly, they’re not afraid to represent their hometown.

“We say that we’re from Weymouth, we talk like we’re from Weymouth and we act like we’re from Weymouth,” group member Stress said. “We have no reason to front like we’re from Boston.”

AWOL’s suburban pride, coupled with the group’s relentless hustle and dramatic tracks, convinced Boston rap promoter Edu Leedz to feature it in tonight’s 2006 Boston Winter Hip-Hop Fest at the Middle East in Cambridge.

“This fest is different because the artists involved really represent different parts of the scene,” Leedz said. “AWOL has potential to hit the next level because their m