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About Anonomous
Born in 1983 in Harbor City, CA and raised in streets of Carson and Compton, CA, his thought-provoking lyrics and captivating style will bring your mind to a place you’ll never want to leave. Formerly known as “Anonymous”, he dropped the Y and Jason “Anonomous” Hogan has come back to hit you with his new mix tape album in 2006 “Anonomous: No Y No Questions.” Raised in a family that is full of talent, Anonomous moved to Moreno Valley, CA. where he began making his music. He then was signed in 2003 to Dtour Productions a company he has stayed true to ever since. From a performance at the “House of Blues” in Anaheim, CA and nominations at the Black Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA, as best Hip-Hop artist and best single with “Never Been” Featuring Donte Brock, Anonomous made his mark with his first album “Anonymous: Unknown to the Public” in 2004. With his consistency and hard work, staying on top of project after project and the demand for his new mix tape at a record h