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Even though he’s still in his early twenties, 2RQ has been paying his dues on the local hip-hop scene and gaining much respect as a young rising talent.
He has been performing as a M.C. and producing his own music as well as others within the Indiana hip-hop scene for years.

Born Laquin Norwood in 1981, 2RQ has performed at numerous shows and opened up for several national acts such as: Ray J, Rakim, the Clipse, DJ Kid Capri, Young Buck(of G-Unit), Keith Sweat, Brother Ali, Ying Yang Twins, Franchise Boyz, and even Indiana’s own WNBA’s Fever.

In 2004 2RQ released his solo debut the “Oneuvakind LP” on Lemari Media Group.
Coming in the summer of 2007, “The Uncanny LP” will be his first release on Thunderdomeproductions.

2RQ comments on this label, ‘’I’m with a label that’s hungry, fresh and sees my vision.’’.
2RQ describe his music as original, one of a kind and free with no limits. 2RQ brings you a breath of fresh air, rawness and creativity out of this world. This is one o