hardcore heavy metal from las vegas nevada usa. this band brings it every night every song every time !!! watch for them this summer on tour

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13 MILES bio
13 Miles has all of the ingredients of a solid,
heavy metal band with guitar riffs that will blow your
mind, hard heavy bass lines, double-bass that will
kick your ass and the growling screams from the depths
of Las Vegas, Nevada. 13 Miles has only been
formed for the past two years, but these Vegas boys
have been playing music together for many years. Three
out of the five 13 Miles members, are from the
original Hemlock line-up and are showing all of that talent and experience now through 13 Miles.
they have been on the road for
years, touring with acts such as Slayer,
Chimairai Hed p.e, Soulfly, System of a Down, Otep,
Danzig, and many others. one member is from the band columbyne of vans warped tour fame.They are more than just a heavy metal band, they are
diverse friends, each bringing something different to
the table. 13 Miles will blow your mind onstage,
with their talent, enthusiasm, energy and heart. Don't
miss a chance to see these boys rock !!!!!