Cotton and Glen


Roger Cotton and Alan Glen
Born in Black and White

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Born in Black and White

 Artist: Cotton and Glen
Moods: Atmospheric / Sensual
Description: The classic recordings made by Blue Note and Chess in the 50’s & 60’s inspire this album. Recorded over three days ‘live’ in the studio, it pays tribute to the spirit of those pioneers.
Cost: $9.90
1. Blow Diddley.. $0.95
2. Hard Life.. $0.95
3. Jam For T.. $0.95
4. On The Waterfront.. $0.95
5. Crazy Life.. $0.95
6. Maxwell Street Mood.. $0.95
7. Another Kinda Love.. $0.95
8. The Purple Cat.. $0.95
9. I Dont Want Your Love.. $0.95
10. Smittys Corner.. $0.95
11. Fat Tuesday.. $0.95