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Do Artists Really Need A Professional Music Website?

by Shaun Letang of "Music Industry How To"

As someone who regularly comes into contact with a load of musicians both online and offline, one thing that strikes me is the hesitation to spend money in the music industry. Some people would sooner use their friend's home made studio to save money on studio costs, they'd rather print their own CD covers from their Argos value printer, and they'd rather spend time promoting their music to people one by one on Facebook over spending money to get broadcasted where the real fans will be.

But while all of these things will make people's music career's move slower, the thing I want to talk about today is musician's hesitation to spend money on creating an artist website.

I had someone come up to me the other day and ask how they can create their own site. They were ready to 'take their music career to the next level', and wanted a professional website to go with this new direction of theirs. I immediately forwarded them to a guide on one of my
music industry websites, which showed them exactly how to create their own site.

They asked me the cost, and when I told them (It was very cheap), you could see it in their face they were already thinking of a way to turn any money they had to spend into 'free'. And what do you know, a couple of weeks later I saw them promoting a poorly created website which was not only difficult to navigate, but which also had loading times so slow I didn't want to look around for long.
The Reality Of Having A Poor Music Website
The thing is, you often get what you pay for in terms of quality. That's not to say you need to spend a fortune to get a good website up and running, but the basics such as a domain name and hosting do cost money. Nothing to break the bank, but they still require an investment all the same.

But do you need your own professional music website? Well, yes! Forget the half hearted attempts of getting your music brand online; If you're not willing to invest in a proper website, then don't create a cheap one that will turn people off your brand. Remember, sh*t sticks. So if you launch your website and it isn't good, people will remember this, and most likely not visit it again.

While you could always choose to just promote your music on social networking sites, these kind of sites should only really be used for driving traffic to your main site. Think about it, all of these websites have a life cycle. They start out, they get big (Well some of them do, most die out in the early stages), they stay big for a while and everyone thinks they're invincible, then they die out never to be heard of again.

Don't believe me? How many of you still use MySpace? What about other social sites such as Hi5?

The bottom line is this: Without your own website, you aren't building your online presence on a solid foundation. Other sites can go down, free sites don't give you all the control you need. But have your own site, and things are a lot more in your own hands.

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