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Promote Your Music While You Sleep

If I told you there was a great way to promote your band all over the net, for free, you'd probably think, “Yeah, what's the catch?”

If I said this was a guaranteed way to boost the number of people visiting your Arkade webpage, and that this tool would keep working 24 hours a day even while you slept, you'd say I was a mad fool. “No way,” you'd say. “Not even my manager works that hard.”

Well, it is possible, it is free and there's absolutely no catch! The answer to your needs..? Links, my friend, links.

Yep, it's that simple — so simple you've probably overlooked the use of links in promoting your music. Big mistake!

Why are they so important?

They drive traffic to your webpage. More traffic equals more potential customers which means more cash in your pocket and more people listening to your music.

And the great thing is you don't have to know anything about programming — Arkade provides you with the code; all you have to do is copy and paste. Let me show you how...

It's So Easy!

Log in to your Arkade account and select “Artist Marketing” from the menu. On the left-hand bar you'll see “Resources”--here's where you get the code for some juicy links to promote everything from your artist page to your merchandise.

Let's say you want to spread the word about your band. Who doesn't? Click on “Artist Links” and you'll see a variety of different link styles. Some are text only and some are with graphics. Hit “Choose” to select one that takes your fancy.

Whoah! What's that gobbledegook in the box below? Don't panic. This is what's known as HTML code—you don't have to understand any of it. Just copy the gobbledegook and paste it somewhere on the net.

Presto! A fully-fledged link.

Where to Paste Links?

Obviously the first place to start would be any non-Arkade webpages you have — blogs, Myspace, band webs or personal sites — the more links you put up, the more traffic you'll be driving to your Arkade page, your music and your merchandise.

But remember, there are other places you can paste link code—in the signature of your email, for example. That way every time you send someone a message they get a free link to your Arkade site. Send a lot of messages? Then you'll get a lot of visits.

You can also do the same with any forums you take part in. Add the HTML code to your sig and every message you post will lead people to your webpage.

Steer Fans to Your Latest Hit

Suppose you have a great new track you want to promote. Wouldn't it be great to have a link which takes people directly to that song?

Easy as pie.

Go to “Track Links”, select one of your songs, get the HTML code and paste links all over the web straight to your tune!

You can even link directly to any merchandise (T-Shirts, posters, etc) by clicking on “Merchandise Links” and copying the relevant HTML code.

This means you are in complete control of incoming traffic to your artist page.

Use it to promote new songs and merchandise, or target tracks to particular audiences — just use it!

Which are Better – Text or Graphic Links?

Well, for all you ugly people out there I recommend using text links. Don't want to scare off potential fans, do we?

Seriously though, graphic links are the way to go. They look better and they command more attention.

But there are times when you could be more subtle — maybe in forums where you want to attract attention but you don't want to look like you want to attract attention — text links are the perfect answer.

Text links are also great for dropping into messages. Let's say you're talking about your great new song on your blog, just drop the HTML code in the message and you have a cool link directly to that track on your Arkade page!

Your Very Own Team of 24-Hour Music Promoters

The great thing about links is that they're like enthusiastic salespeople who never sleep, working 24 hours a day every day to promote you and your music here on Arkade. Now, if only you could find a manager who was just as reliable...