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What You Need to Know about Mailing Lists

Part One

I'm sure you've seen that Arkade offers you the opportunity to manage a mailing list from your Arkade page. Now, hands up everyone who has actually gone ahead and used it to its full advantage?

Thought so.

You may think you don't have enough fans yet to warrant a mailing list, but why wait? All groups and solo artists start off with only a handful of followers. The successful ones are those who can increase their number of fans.

And one of the best ways to grow your fanbase is through your mailing list. Not only that - it's also proof to record companies that you have a dedicated following.

The important thing is to start now.

So, in this three part series, you'll learn everything you need to know about making mailing lists work for you.

Why Big Businesses Love Mailing Lists

If you want to be successful, you have to treat your music career like a business. And successful companies love mailing lists.

When I buy a mobile phone, for example, I get put on the company's mailing list as a matter of course. Every month I receive special offers and info on services they provide.

It's called Direct Marketing and it works especially well for companies when a person has already bought their product, because the customer has a demonstrated interest in what the company is selling.

The same thing applies to music. If someone, in this day and age, goes to the trouble to buy one of your songs, it's safe to assume they'd like to know more about you. Upcoming gigs, new CDs, any news about your group - tell them everything!


What to put in your mails? Well, in addition to the info I've already suggested you can also:-

  • Run competitions
  • Offer lyrics
  • Give free songs

All of this will ensure that your fans are more likely to come to your gigs and spread the word to their friends. Don't look on a mailing list as spam, think of it as a way to give extra value to your fans.

What not to put in your mailing list? It may sound obvious but:-

  • Don't have long, rambling messages where you moan about your lack of success
  • Don't lie to your fans! If you promise something then deliver it
  • Don't send messages unless you have something to say!

The Power of the Word

All companies understand that the best advertising is word of mouth, from friend to friend. It's the same in the music business, and the easiest way for you to get the word of mouth spreading is to start your mailing list.

Don't worry if you only have a handful of people on your list to begin with - that only makes it easier for you to grow!

And in Part Two of this series you'll discover how to get more people signing up.