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Three Easy Ways to Promote your Arkade Page

Okay, you've signed up with Arkade, designed your webpage and uploaded your songs. Time to sit back, relax and wait for the money to start rolling in, right?

Well, actually, yes you can do that but as with everything in life, you get out what you put in. That means if you make a little effort to promote yourself and your music, you will see a big difference in terms of sales.

"But I'm an artist!" You cry. "I don't want to get involved with marketing!"

Well, in the real world, what seperates successful artists from unsuccessful ones is that the former are willing to pay attention to the business aspects of showbusiness. This is why you have heard of Prince, Eminem, Arctic Monkeys and so on, but you haven't heard of The Spangle Da-Da's. (Actually, they don't exist. I just invented the name. Still, they never would have made it. They were too lazy.)

It doesn't have to be hard; These three simple tips will quickly start to get the word out about your Arkade page:-

  1. Links. Your band has a website? Link it to your Arkade site. You have a personal blog? Link it to your Arkade website. Get your bandmates to do the same. Get your fans and friends to do the same. Get their friends to do the same. Get everyone who is anyone to link to your Arkade webpage. After all, friends, family and work associates are the first step in your campaign of world domination. Now, you've just increased the number of people who know about your webpage and the probability that someone will find their way to your site, listen to your music and shell out a couple of quid to buy a track or two.
  2. Email Signatures. How many emails do you send every day? Two or three? Not much but that makes up to 21 a week, 84 a month—just over a thousand a year! Do you have the Arkade link in the signature of your email? Why not? You're missing out on a free, easy way to promote your CDs. It only takes five seconds, but the rewards, if you forgive me for sounding like a Hallmark card, go on for ever.
  3. Forum Signatures. Forums are great, aren't they? There are forums for everything from gardening to Philology. (What is Philology anyway — the study of Phil?) Anyway, the point is that when you join a forum, you are also given the opportunity to add a signature. Whatever forums you are a member of, it doesn't matter if they are music-related or not — add your Arkade webpage. That way, when you make a witty, biting comment the other forum members think, "Wow, I must visit that dude's page!".

For more detail on linking to your site and accessing the powerful Arkade Link Features read the "Sell Your Music While You Sleep" article which you will find in the "Marketing Your Product on Arkade - Some Useful Tips" section

So, I hope you've learned that it's not just a question of sitting back and relaxing. It's a question of… well, it's a question of sitting back, relaxing and letting the internet work for you!