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How to Start a Blog at Arkade (And Get it Featured)

Getting Started

You've read the previous article about blogs? You understand the importance of a blog in telling your group's story?

Okay, my young apprentice... You're ready to begin. (If you've already started blogging at Arkade you can skip ahead to “Featured Artist Blogs”.)

Just select “manage site content” once you've logged in, then click on “manage blogs”.

You can create a new blog entry right away.

And to help you organise things, we've set up two categories for blog posts — General and Live Shows. Of course, you can add more categories if you want.

As soon as you've created a new blog post, it'll be available for visitors to read. That's all there is to it! Congratulations, you've just taken your first step into a wider world...

Featured Artist Blogs

On the Arkade home page click on “Blogs” and you'll notice a section called “Latest Blog Entries”. If you've just created a blog post, you should see it here already.

Unfortunately, because Arkade artists are updating their blogs all the time, your post won't be on the front page for long...

That's why we created the “Featured Artist Blogs” section. Here we highlight blogs which we feel deserve special attention, and we feature them for longer periods of time.

Getting Your Blog Featured

How do I get my blog featured?

The answer is simple — write a good blog!

Seriously, we go through all our artist blogs and select according to the content. You don't have to pay money, you don't have to send an email, you don't have to do anything except blog.

What do you mean by a good blog?

Well, what is a good song? You just know it when you come across one. Concentrate on communicating with your fans and telling your group's story and you'll be doing just fine.

If my blog isn't featured does that mean it's no good?

Not at all — with over 5,000 artists here at the Arkade, you can see that it takes time to go through all these blogs. Just keep posting.

How many people will read my blog?

That will depend on how hard you're working to promote it. Remember, the Arkade is here to help you become your own record label, and as any record label owner will tell you, there's a lot of hard slog involved in promoting bands.

Happy Blogging

You can update your blog as often as you want, once a day, once a week, once a month, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Just remember that it's best to blog when you actually have something to say — a new song, an award you've just won, new tour dates... anything that'll interest your fans.

And don't worry about writing style. Just write the way you talk. (As long as you don't talk like Yoda that is; speak like that one should not!)

Keep all these things in mind and you'll be well on your way to having a featured blog. We look forward to reading about you!