vince amore


Momentum-love song.
It is a "duetto" with narrator,tenor.soprano,choir,and an orchestra with 8 instruments directed by the great Tibor Polgar :pupil of Zoltan Kodaly in Accademy of Music-Budapest.
Words and music by Corea Antonio Filippo. It gets in the soul elevating it to the hights of love.

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momentum-versione italiana
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l'amore è per sempre,non muore mai:ed anche quando noi pensiamo che ormai finito esso invece vive nel fondo dell'anima.Quindi l'amore si può riconquistare!!! Non ci credi o ti sembra impossibile?:bene allora ascolta momentum e vedrai come ..... BUON ASCOLTO,GRAZIE,Corea Antonio Filippo
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momentum-english version
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
Love never dies,even when we think that it is gone,that nothing is there to be done to save it,..whell instead it is still there in the deepth of our soul.Thus it can be reconquered,it can revival.Don't you believe it?,it seems to you impossible?: whell then listen to momentum....ENJOY IT-Thanks.
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