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Straight Furrow - Celtic and English Folk

 Artist: Really Free Music
Genres:  Folk
Moods: Gentle / Light / Soft
 Atmospheric / Sensual
Description: Until the untimely death of the talented mutli-instrumentalist Jon Leff in 2003, Straight Furrow were a band of three musicians quietly growing an army of fans across the East of England. Their honest approach to their music is opitimised by Jon's incredible work on the medieval recorder and flute.
Cost: $6.15
1. Straight Furrow - Planxty Irwin - Fanny Power.. $0.95
2. Straight Furrow - Weeting Fair.. $0.95
3. Straight Furrow - Lord Inchiquin.. $0.95
4. Straight Furrow - Star Of The County Down.. $0.95
5. Straight Furrow - The Wherryboat.. $0.95
6. Straight Furrow - Nancys Waltz.. $0.95
7. Straight Furrow - General Monk.. $0.95
8. Straight Furrow - Brighton Camp.. $0.95
9. Straight Furrow - Nancy Coopers .. $0.95
10. Straight Furrow - Lovely Joan.. $0.95
11. Straight Furrow - Three Hornpipes.. $0.95