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Inishkea - A Drop In The Ocean

 Artist: Really Free Music
Genres:  Ethnic
Moods: Atmospheric / Sensual
Description: Jack Hallam aka 'Inishkea' - long-time master of ambient world music - a fusion of global beats and rhythms with traditional and authentic World music from across this Earth.
Cost: $5.85
1. Iskelu - Dunes.. $1.00
2. Inishkea - Red Earth And Singing Skies.. $1.00
3. Iskelu - Temples Of Ha Noi.. $1.00
4. Iskelu - Razzaza.. $1.00
5. Inishkea - Spirit Of The Condor.. $1.00
6. Iskelu - Tuz Golu.. $1.00
7. Iskelu - Desert Nation.. $1.00