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Ensemble Pachamama - Music Of The Andes

 Artist: Really Free Music
Genres:  Ethnic
Moods: Energetic / Motivational
 Gentle / Light / Soft
Description: Ensemble Pachamama are a South American band playing both authentic, traditional and original music from the Andes and surrounding countries - Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Chile. Featuring Pan Pipes, Charango, Guitars and Percussion. Their music is simply full of the vibrancy of life...
Cost: $4.90
1. Ensemble Pachamama - Sicuri Triste.. $0.95
2. Ensemble Pachamama - Virgenes Del Sol.. $0.95
3. Ensemble Pachamama - A Mi Palomita.. $0.95
4. Ensemble Pachamama - Munahuanqui Huayno.. $0.95
5. Ensemble Pachamama - Laquitas.. $0.95
6. Ensemble Pachamama - Impresiones Del Viaje.. $0.95
7. Ensemble Pachamama - Tinku.. $0.95