Beau Brummell


Ambient electronic music inspired by LFO, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Boards of Canada and Four Tet.

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 Artist: Beau Brummell
Genres:  Ambient
Moods: Atmospheric / Sensual
Description: The first and foremost ambient album by Beau Brummell which starts off with smooth drones progressing into kraftwerk-esque melodies and electronica. Inspired by Boards of Canada, Four Tet and Brian Eno this album is the perfect ambient audio surrounding.
Cost: Sale Introductory Offer: first 10 tracks for sale at $1.25
1. Music to read to 1.. $0.35
2. Music to read to 2.. $0.35
3. Music to read to 3.. $0.35
4. Music to read to 4.. $0.35
5. Music to read to 5.. $0.35
6. Music to read to 6.. $0.35
7. Music to read to 7.. $0.35
8. Music to read to 8.. $0.35