Half man, half machine and half genie. Half mad with a tropical virus downloaded from a jungle PC he refuses to cease kicking out FULL ON mentalical choonage!

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Mekajinn started producing electronic music during the summer of 1998 and played his first gig at Scholars in Coventry in 1999. Since then he has gigged occasionally, but spent the majority of his time locked in a basement learning as much as he could about his chosen dark art.

He finally emerged from his self imposed isolation in 2006 and has since been collating, cataloguing and compiling tunes for release on an unsuspecting public. 2007 sees him signed to a small independent label Nineteen Records who are making his tunes available to the masses in both digital format and limited CD releases.

Some of these CDs will be sent to a radio DJ near you… so keep an ear out… some of those mad sounds bouncing off your tympanic membrane may belong to him!